Education for the Children

MID 2017
My role

Education for the Children is ran in the UK but the actual charitable work is done in Guatemala. We needed to give the website a style update and increase donations taken. The current website created plenty of buzz around events. But users did not trust the site enough to donate cash or take part in sponsorship.

Before arranging any calls or meetings we decided to create a digital mood board. This would help show the vision we had style wide for this new website.

We wanted these mood boards to communicate our desire to make this website colourful and inherit some of Guatemala's colour palette and traditions.

Dear Zoo - Sitemap

With a call arranged with both UK and Guatemala parties to discuss the current website. We discussed the good and bad. A pattern immediately emerged. There were too many pages, it was too hard to find the correct information and donate.

Running through the mood board they were immediately on board with our vision.

Moving onto the sitemap, using InVision Freehand. With Freehand, everyone on the call could give feedback and actually draw and type on screen for all to see. Not a perfect document but enough to get going with wireframes and sprint planning.

Dear Zoo - Sitemap

Collaborative rough wireframe using Freehand by InVison on a call with the client

We knew the sitemap would likely change as we went through our process but we moved onto wireframes following this call. It was evident from the call that some people had more web knowledge than others. With this in mind I needed to make sure the wireframes were as descriptive as possible. I decided at this point to make the wireframes higher fidelity than usual, including actual text.

Dear Zoo - Sitemap

Showing the UK head office the wireframes led to some areas of concern. Was this new website going to be too simple? We countered the clients concerns by running through our process in much more detail. 

After we revealed to the client our MVP process and timeline for this project, beyond launch, their fears went away. Moving forward as a company we highlighted this issue further within the team. As a company we are now reviewing how we educate clients on our process.

With the EFTC UK team fully on board and wireframes approved. We moved onto designing every page and creating an InVision prototype that could be shared and used like the real output. The website has not been built yet so I can't show you everything but see below approved designs so far.

The client loves the new design but the site hasn't launched yet but please come back soon for a live link and more details. Estimated website launch is early 2018.

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