LATE 2016
My role

As a studio we wanted to raise our profile and create something that would be shared, was fun to use and also fun to create. We decided upon a Christmas quiz. And what's more Christmas, than staying in and watching a classic film?

With the idea and budget agreed, we went to work. 

The budget was low, so rather than creating wireframes and a sitemap, I decided to create both within the same document. The document also included basic game instructions and user journey.

This proved valuable as we found gaps and possible problems very early in the first sprint session and retrospective.

Flixmas - Sitemap

UI, logo & artwork

I started with pen and paper.  After consensus was reached, I created the logo and every element needed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Flixmas - UI Elements
Flixmas - Game Screen


Even though it didn't reach the mega viral heights of some Christmas campaigns. We enjoyed creating the game, had plenty of local interest and only positive feedback from those who took part. I'd definitely love another crack at the whip... maybe next year.

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