Masashi Wakui
Started 2014
My role
Design & Build

For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of all things Japan. Whilst booking my first and subsequent trips, I’ve found it really hard to find a single source of truth for general knowledge and places I wanted to visit. 

I’ve read so many books and blogs but details were vague or out of date. I wanted to celebrate the country, give something back and help others who are interested in visiting.

Where to start...

With such a vast subject to tackle and only me to write content. I decided early on, that the best route would be to create a very modular site that I could easily add to as time went by.

This is so I could add content when I had time but also gave me the opportunity to create a small MVP (minimum viable product) to see what worked and what didn’t.

Next steps

Learn what I can from this MVP. Ask people I know who I have visited Japan and get to know their fears or pain points. Build the site into a CMS for easy content writing. Version 2 with much more content and pages is coming soon.

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